Hello! My name is Brittney Cotton Diabour

and I am the owner of Premier Credit Agency. I am from a small country town called Byrd Town in South Carolina. Yes, you read correctly, Byrd Town. I attended Coker University in Hartsville, South Carolina and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I learned a ton about how to manage finances and how to structure businesses, however in my personal life, I had no clue where to start!

My Credit Journey

I could start off by telling you why it’s important to have good credit and all of the benefits of managing your finances to the T! My personal finances were so far from being perfect. I had credit card debt up to my neck, I did not know how to communicate with creditors during hard times and many bills fell into collections that I didn’t even receive (primarily medical bills). I later found out there were large purchases financed in my name and creditors were reporting late payments or no payments on my credit report. Even personal information on my credit report was incorrect such as addresses. Not staying on top of my reports became a reflection on my credit report/scores and became a high risk client for many lenders. Things went from bad to worse, I got denied for an apartment and then a very small loan. I had to then put things in my parents name to get approval. 

journey continues

After becoming frustrated and over it, I began doing research. A ton of research that led me to restoring and repairing credit. I began to ask around and was referred to a credit repair expert by a relative. I began the process but within a few months, she became very ill and couldn’t finish. I was distraught and desperate to get my credit in good standing so I could get a new car and new home. I went on a “ramen noodle diet” saved money and started researching and disputing inaccurate information. I started keeping track of my finances, starting budgeting and pulled my scores from 487 to 610. This was my very first time doing any of this so when I got my initial scores I was blown away. That pushed me to keep going. I began paying myself $120 every two weeks and built savings that I later purchased my first rental property with. 
I began to forget that I now gained trust with creditors and my bank so the offers for financing my investments began to come in mail and through email. I was in disbelief. A few months later I went to a car dealership and purchased my dream car, no money down and no high interest rate. My payment was so affordable I thought it was a prank.
When I work with each of my clients it’s a personal journey and Premier Credit Agency is NOT just a credit repair service it’s an agency that will help you manage your debt, plan finances effectively and keep credit scores & reports in good standing, so that our clients can build wealth!
Thank you for visiting and allowing us to be a part of your path to success.